We are technologists at heart. Our first passion, though, before ever touching a keyboard was sports. Our founding team dabbled in various sports both as participants as well as fans. Unfortunately, we've had to witness our favorite teams break our hearts on more than one occasion.

The inspiration for much of what we're building at Guidde stems from modern sports teams and specifically player development. All-Stars are made in the off-season - that’s when individual athletes can improve their skills by working one-on-one with their coaches.

In many aspects, every company resembles a professional sports team.  At Guidde, we believe that a sales rep can improve their CRM skills in the same way that an NBA player can develop a corner three - with the right tools, the right coaching, and the right training.

It takes passion, commitment and the collective will of a team of individuals working together to achieve its goals. We are looking for individuals to join our team and help us build the #1 platform for Application Enablement.

The quotes below, taken from some of our most appreciated athletes, coaches and sports executives, embody many of the things we believe in. We call these our Guidde Lines. If they resonate with you, we'd be happy to connect. You can send your resume to




The gym will speak

Brett Brown

Guidde is built by a collection of individuals that will put in many hours and effort behind the scenes in our own "gym". We value the doers, the ones that may not speak loudly, but put in the extra effort when no one is watching. The ones that let the quality of their work speak for itself.

There’s a reason that God gave us two ears, two eyes, and one mouth. It’s so you can listen and watch twice as much as you talk. Best of all, listening costs you nothing.

Sir Alex Ferguson


The only way to build great products that provide value to people is to listen and learn. Every interaction - with customers, partners, colleagues or managers - is a learning experience. Listening and observing make us better at our jobs and helps us design, develop and support our customers in the best way possible.

Don't make excuses, make your free throws

Elena Delle Donne

Startups are a realm of the unknown unknowns - things can change on a daily basis. Unlike large organizations, there will be times when there is no one else to consult with, no one else to make a decision for you. You will have to make decisions and actions on your own. We value the calm thinkers, the ones that can take a deep breath, take a dribble and get the job done.

Take care of yo' chicken.
Take care of y’all’s bodies. Take care of y’all’s mentals

Marshawn Lynch

When Marshawn talked about "chicken", he was referring to money, that a football player with very limited playing time needs to secure for their future. In Guidde we look at "chicken" as Time - the most precious asset there is. We are here to help our customers optimize their time and we look for people that strive to make the biggest impact they can during their time at Guidde.  There are going to be good times and hard times - that's startup life - what's important is what you take from those times and how we all strive for constant improvement.

Trust the process

Sam Hinkie


We set ambitious goals for Guidde but we definitely don't have all the answers on how we're going to go about achieving all of them. It is going to be a process that will involve all of us - our customers, partners, employees and managers.
We place our trust in the people we hire at Guidde. No compromises.

We expect them to do the same - trust themselves, trust their team mates to do the right thing and trust our leadership to have the "longest view in the room" and the skills to guide us there.

It's going to be exciting.