Tribal Knowledge

Unlock your organization's application skills for your entire
software stack

Video Guiddes Tailored for Every App and Every Person

Any Team

Every tool in your application stack is used in a way unique to your company and role.  With Guidde, teams and employees can instantly record and share tips and how-to’s in a common, searchable video playbook format

Any Software

Guidde’s browser extension
hovers on top of your entire tech stack providing instant playbook creation and learning without ever having to leave the app to search or view the content.

Any Video

Easily load existing video content  from Zoom, Teams or GDrive or create on-the-fly video playbooks with the native Guidde recorder. Playbooks are automatically transcribed, labeled  and published to the Guidde knowledge base.

Any Moment

Video playbooks are available in the moment when you need it the most - when you’re stuck with a question on an app. And by simply downloading the Guidde Chrome extension, your team has instant access to the right content in the right context.



  • Increase employee 
    productivity and app skills

  • Onboard new employees faster and more effectively

  • Harness team skills and share knowledge seamlessly.

App Providers

  • Improve customer 

  • Enhance new
    feature adoption

  • Open shared knowledge of you and your customers



  • Improve customer productivity with ongoing training

  • On demand app and context sensitive instructions

  • New training-desk revenue services

Natively integrated with your existing communication tools 
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